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January 26th

Posted by XiiDraco on March 26, 2014 at 6:35 PM

I'm really quite sorry about not posting in forever. It was finals weeks, and I really needed to finish homework. Happily though, I got a 111% on my physics final. :)


So I once again decided that my new game void, would be too big for vita (for now). So instead I wanted to work on something REALLY small. In fact it's so small that it's a tile-map side scroller game called Exposure. I just started it last night, and worked out some kinks, like using an array instead of a list. (helps a lot).


Anyway, in the game you have 3 abilities that you can use. You can then get various upgrades by picking up random object that monsters randomly drop. You can also buy objects from shops that sell them. To get on to a new level, you have to find 3 parts to the vehicle you arrived in. Upon getting a part you will be greeted by a boss. Beat the boss to get the item as well as a reward. When you fix the vehicle you will go to the next stage. All of which are randomly picked.


The reason the game is called exposure, is because the rain in the game is acidic, and its raining... like everywhere... So you kinda have to go from cover to cover. The planet is about to explode so you are trying to get to the evacuation ships before that happens, all while another alien race is trying to hunt you and all of your kin down. Makes for some great game play! :D


Three games at a time?!?! What have I gotten myself into.



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