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January 5th

Posted by XiiDraco on March 26, 2014 at 6:30 PM


I mentioned yesterday that I would be starting a new game for PlayStation Mobile. Partly because I'm going to sell it and get a new graphics card for my computer and partly because I need funds for living.


Here's how the game goes:


It's another space set game, but you take control of your own ship that you build from a top down perspective, block by block.


The characters have a very similar system to the movie In Time

-Build your own ship from a top down perspective, block by block.

-The currency is called Void.

-Every in game hour, your character is deducted 100 Void.

-If you die from lack of health you will re-spawn on your ship but loose 30% of your Void.

-If your ship blows up you re-spawn in a random location with an escape pod.

-To get more void you must defeat space pirates.

-There are 3 Factions at war: The Federation, The Rebels, and the Criminals. (+ random other pirates)

-If you die from lack of Void, it's game over.

-You don't have to choose a faction.

-If you Destroy all Factions, the Faction you are in Wins as well as you winning. OR if you are a freelance that doesn't belong to a Faction and kills everything I guess only you win.



To keep my progress on my games, I made this site to motivate me to update EVERY day.




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