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About Us.


         I'm (currently) a solo guy looking for opportunity to create games and music for those games. Ever since my first playing of the original Halo when I was a kid, I wasn't like other kids. I didn't just play the games, get better toys, move on to sports and so on. When my video game phase started, I loved it too much. I already knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a video game designer/programmer. As I took interest into music, I soon realized that I had a talent for it. My learning style is mimic, so learning how to play songs on the piano by ear, came very easily for me. By the age of 14, I was playing complex piano music, and eventually, writing my own songs. I later took on Flute, Bass, Guitar, Accordion, Harmonica, a little drums, and Choir Bells. As my learning began to slow due to lack of content, I started taking lessons at Opus School of Music where I became better at piano, my main instrument. 

        Whelp, enough of my musical life! Now for the important part. Back in the 7th grade I began my programming career when I picked up one of our schools Ti-84's. I began by using the BASIC language included on the calc and eventually switched to AXE. The theoretical knowledge of loops, variables, arrays, floating point math, operations, and various other stuff that I learned from calculator programming soon led me to Java. I took tutorials from you tube channels and got a more extensive knowledge for IDE's, and more advanced Syntax for better languages. I soon gave up Java in frustration and took up the PlayStation Mobile program. Sony started to give more love to Indie developers and I downloaded their IDE, PlayStation Mobile Studio. This was my first time using C#, a language I found pretty similar to Java. I soon grew VERY fond of C#, which is now my favorite language. Last year, I started Abandoned, originally called Starblaze. A space RTS based on exploration. After my realization that it would be way too big for a mobile game, I switched it to a PC game and began using Opengl. Getting frustrated with Opengl, I soon stopped and started up Void, the game I was then currently working. At the same time I started this site for my programming progress. 

        I currently stand tall with lots of completed projects, including about 87 calculator games (I know, unimpressive) and a computer game that isn't quite finished. As for school, I am currently a Junior in High School and don't know where I want to go next. I might go to collage, or I might not. Depends on where I am end of Senior year. I plan to sell a couple mobile games before that time period. Might give myself a kick start.  As for this long paragraph, Even though programming is my jam and I wouldn't pick anything else, every writing score I have ever gotten on state tests is in the 90th percentile or above. I got a perfect writing on the State HSBE. I can't figure out why though because I absolutely suck at everything else English related.

Change Log
-Added Escape to list of completed and purchasable games (on PSN).
- Gained new team member (Pimath).
- No longer solo.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me!




        So I'm a Java/C/C++ programmer who knows a little C# (Because it's basically Java lol :P). I do calc programming, mainly a port of the game VVVVVV for the ti-83+ series. I am currently 15, and a sophomore in high school. I took AP Calculus AB last year as a freshman. My main goal for the future is to go to Georgia Tech for CS, go to Carnegie Melon for graduate school, and be a research professor as my future job. Short bio, I know :P


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